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08 November 2022, 11:47 am – OptoIndex

November, 2022:  With the new Goldeye XSWIR cameras InGaAs sensors, wavelengths up to 1.9 μm or 2.2 μm can now be detected with high quantum efficiencies. An integrated dual-stage sensor cooling (TEC2) and various on-board image correction functions are your key factors to visualize specific spectral features with excellent image quality.

The Goldeye XSWIR cameras fill the gap in examining materials visible in the wavelength range above 1.7 μm. With this, you can detect now even more unique spectral footprints to better distinguish different materials by using spectrometers, dedicated filters, or special optics. This is especially important for sorting applications or to determine material concentrations in composites. Typical application fields are for example: Recycling, water content (moisture) detection, but also laser beam profiling.

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