International OptoIndex

Professional and competent

The proliferation of photonics during the years created the imperative need for an index. This work of reference – International OptoIndex for Photonics – offers a comprehensive data source for companies and products in the sector. Who has the best solution to my problem? Where can I find a cost-effective product developments shortcut? This catalogue and website will help to find the answers. Updated annually, the International OptoIndex 2020 is published in English.

Outline of content:

  1. Companies present themselves, their products and personnel for contact.
  2. Company register with address, phone, e-mail and website.
  3. In-depth product index, supplied to companies in the industry, research centers, laboratories and institutes.
  4. All editorial information is also available online.

OptoIndex – Constanze Classen

Constanze Classen
Head of sales, tries to keep them all together and do the business, smiles a lot, adores her husband.

OptoIndex – Marie Sonntag

Marie Sonntag
New in the sales business, young and clever, wants to visit Australia.

OptoIndex – Jian Wang

Jian Wang
Owner of the Chinese department, assertive, brave and always taking care of others.

OptoIndex – Britta Laupichler

Britta Laupichler
Steady type, very skilled and helpful, trains dogs in her time off, loves gardening.