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Xenics improves SWIR detector quality by lowering dark current

With the goal of better serving its customers, Xenics has recently increased production capabilities, added extra clean room space, reviewed processing techniques and modernized equipment. First evidence of this improved and upgraded manufacturing pr

Lumetrics receives new patent method allowance for measuring contact lenses

Lumetrics was granted a patent allowance for the technology used to measure a contact lens using the ClearWave™ plus. This patent allowance works in tandem with two previous patent filings that Lumetrics was awarded concerning the apparatus of

ID Quantique and SK Telecom join forces

ID Quantique and SK Telecom join forces to form the global leader in quantum communications and quantum sensing technologies. ID Quantique SA (IDQ) today announced a strategic investment plan of US$ 65 million from investor SK Telecom (NYSE:SKM),

New at FRAMOS: "Anti-Shock & Vibration" Lenses

New at FRAMOS®: Fujinon Brings Robust "Anti-Shock & Vibration" Lenses for Robotics and Industrial Applications Fujinon has researched the robustness of lenses and developed a dedicated "

New software features by Nanoscribe

Nanoscribe’s software DeScribe offers new features. The recent release Describe 2.5 contains novel and quick workflows for handling STLs that ease the search for writing parameters and speed up processing STLs in a batch. As the previous versio

New line of pulsed diode pumped lasers

Photonics Industries’ (PI) has introduced a new line of pulsed diode pumped lasers, the DP Series, for applications that need: Short pulse requirements (<10ns)   High pulse energy with low power consumption Air Cooling